Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kate’s family-owned?

Yes, we’re proud to say Kate’s Butter has been family-owned and -operated for four generations.

Where can I buy your products?

You can visit our Find a Store page to find Kate’s products near you.

Do you ever offer any coupons?

Coupons vary across locations and stores, but when there are any sales active we usually let our email list know first! Sign up to be on our list here and be notified of sales, coupons, new recipes, product releases, and more.

I don’t live in New England but would like to buy your product. Is that possible?

Kate’s Butter is sold at several retailers outside of New England. You can visit our Find a Store page to find Kate’s products near you. You can also contact the dairy department manager at your local store for product availability.

Are your products gluten-free?

Our butter and buttermilk are gluten-free and made with simple, high-quality ingredients from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. They are as farm-fresh as it gets.

Is your buttermilk supposed to be sour?

Buttermilk does have a tangy flavor and is naturally thicker than milk because it is cultured in a similar fashion to yogurt, just like in the old days.

How long does your buttermilk last once a bottle has been opened?

Opened buttermilk will last until its use by date as long as it is kept refrigerated after opening.

Can your buttermilk be frozen to extend the expiration date?

The USDA states that buttermilk can be frozen for up to three months. After that, it’s best to use or discard it.

Why don’t your butter sticks have measurements on them?

While we cannot include measurements on the foil with our current packaging processes, we have included measurements on the box for reference.

Does your butter need to be refrigerated?

It’s best to keep all butter refrigerated, but leaving butter out at room temperature to soften is very common.

Why did you change your packaging?

Our products are made using time-tested family methods, and for four generations, we’ve been proud to bring you fresh, pure butter from New England. In celebration of that tradition, we wanted an updated design to capture the authentic spirit of our work, our family, and Maine – the place we call home.

Are your products made with pasteurized milk?

Yes. All of our products are made with hormone- and additive-free, Grade A pasteurized cream.

Can I microwave your butter sticks to soften them?

Yes, though it’s important to note you will need to remove the wrapper first due to it containing aluminum. Butter melts quickly in the microwave, so if you are going to use that method, we suggest using the defrost setting in 5-second increments. If you are baking and have the time available, it’s best to let the butter sit until softened. You can also cut the sticks into cubes to quicken the process.

Do you give tours of your creamery or farm?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer farm and factory tours due to USDA and FDA guidelines.

What are your cows fed with?

Our cows graze outside in the warmer months, eat hay during the winter, and snack on locally procured grains for extra nutrition year-round.

Are your cows treated with artificial growth hormones?

Our cows are New England’s finest. All are farm-raised and free of artificial growth hormones.

I had a problem with one of your products. How can I leave feedback?

We’re sorry to hear that. Please contact our team through our Contact page. We will do our best to help.

I’d like to leave a review. How can I do so?

We’d love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback on our Facebook page, write a Google review, or submit feedback here.